Four Things Chelsea Taught Us This Weekend


Manchester City are off to a flyer. Even Liverpool look in better shape than defending champions Chelsea – but finally, the Blues have recorded three points.

It came against a side they don’t do well against, and a manager Jose Mourinho struggles against. It came when they had ten men and gave away two goals and a penalty. It still came.

The west London club may have been under serious pressure, but they came through it, and their fans will hope that, along with the signing of Pedro, will kickstart their season.

They still have plenty of ground to make up, but at least they’ve got going.

With that in mind, here are four things Jose Mourinho’s men showed us.

That’s why they’re champions

Chelsea had ten men for more than half an hour of the game, and were up against it.

Lesser sides would have folded, but their players stood up and were counted.

From new boy Pedro, to last season’s star Eden Hazard, to winning goalscorer Cesar Azpilicueta, the Blues made sure they dug their heels in and notched up a win at the ground they faltered at last term and the one before.

It was more than just their first three points of the season, it was the sign that they are still champions, and are not giving their crown up without a fight.

Pedro was a world class buy

Pedro was not the only player who shone for Chelsea, but a goal and an assist on his debut will be enough to grab headlines, and was enough to secure the Man of the Match award as well.

Eden Hazard was brilliant for the Blues after they went down to ten men, holding the ball up and just keeping possession to wind the clock down, with Diego Costa netting a much needed goal and putting in one hell of a shift as well.

Yes, there are issues in the Chelsea side, and they are far from their best, but Pedro will make a huge difference to them.

All the focus will be on their three goals, but Thibaut Courtois saved a penalty, and made some vital saves throughout the game as well, and deserves just as much credit.

Things are not going well for John Terry

First he gets subbed off for the first time in his career under Jose Mourinho, and then sees red in the next match.

Terry, Mourinho and even Tony Pulis claimed it was a harsh card, but the minute Terry had to use some pace, you knew he was in trouble.

Mark Clattenburg may like making headlines for himself more than he likes Chelsea, but the decision was one that could – and may well – have been made by other refs as well.

Terry will have one hell of a point to prove upon his return from suspension, and if Mourinho’s summer spending goes as planned, another defender to compete with as well.

Cesc who?

The man who normally gives so much to Chelsea has looked like his post-January blues have hit early this season.

He gave the ball away multiple times against West Brom, and bar a couple of point perfect passes, was not good enough by half.

His midfield partner, Nemanja Matic was equally as bad, so Cesc was not alone in his poor performance – and that will worry Jose Mourinho.

Having a grip on the middle of the park is so vital, and they failed to do so against Swansea, Manchester City and now West Brom.

It needs to improve and fast, or points will be dropped.