Four Things Liverpool Taught Us This Weekend

by : UNILAD on : 25 Aug 2015 14:02

Last season was so disappointing for Liverpool, and after yet another summer of heavy investment, the Reds have to do better.


No one knows that more than manager Brendan Rodgers, who is well aware he avoided the chop last term when many in his position would have been axed.

Another season of utter failure will not be tolerated, and a top four finish is the minimum requirement for the club.

A tricky away game at the Emirates was entertaining to watch, and while it ended 0-0, and Arsenal were kicking themselves for not putting it to bed, Liverpool were thankful to come away with a point at a ground where they struggle.

With that in mind, here are four pointers the Reds showed us from the game.



Brendan Rodgers is delusional

On so many levels and in so many ways.

‘Character’ is one of his favourite phrases, and one we all expect to hear come a 6-1 loss or a 3-0 win, but to go one further and claim that the linesman made the right call disallowing Aaron Ramsey’s goal as ‘his shirt was offside’ is something else.

Rodgers doesn’t seem to be a man who really knows what he is doing, and despite Liverpool’s impressive return of seven points from a possible nine, they haven’t convinced.

In fact, at times, they’ve been downright lucky.


In Philippe Coutinho, they have a star


Actually, they have one of the best players in the league.

The Brazilian makes games flicker to life, and while this is certainly something Liverpool need, if they want to push for the top four or even the title, he has to be more consistent.

Currently, Coutinho is a light that comes on and off.

What Rodgers and the Reds need him to be however, is one that shines for 75 out of the 90 minutes at least.


Praise for Simon Mignolet is hard to come by

Gone are the days when the goalie would be mocked up as a purple bin.

Petr Cech may have taken the plaudits during the clash, but Mignolet was equally as good at times, keeping his side in it.

Brendan Rodgers doesn’t seem to enjoy handing out praise for the stopper – think back to the semi final against Chelsea in the League Cup last term.

He lavished praise on Thibaut Courtois, yet said nothing about his own keeper, who was brilliant. Jose Mourinho was left to praise Mignolet.

Again, Rodgers waxed lyrical about Cech, trying to deflect attention from his own player’s brilliant performance.


It might be because he wants to create the illusion Liverpool do not give away chances, but let’s be honest, everyone can see they do, so give credit where it’s due.

Lucky or not, they have seven points

And they have to keep the momentum going.

Liverpool now have a run of fixtures that would even see Jose Mourinho or Manuel Pellegrini baulking, so to have so many points on the board already is a huge plus.

Team spirit will be in a much better place right now than at the end of last term, when the club weren’t scoring or winning, and it has to continue.

Positives must be focused on, and having Daniel Sturridge to return is one of the biggest.

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