Freediving Champion Explores The Deepest Pool In The World


This is the moment world-record holding free diving champion, Guillaume Néry, explored the deepest pool in the world on nothing more than his own breath.

Guillaume took on the challenge because of his love for the pool which is located in Venice, Italy and has a unique gargantuan and aesthetic hole which goes down to depths of 130 ft.

As I watched the video for the second time I tried to hold my own breath, but just before the minute mark I decided to pack in – which is around the same time Guillaume is about to actually start diving down.

Check out the video below:

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And the worst part? That was me with lungs full of air. Guillaume had to empty his lungs to make his body less buoyant so he could sink more freely.

But it wasn’t only Guillaume that was partaking in the dive, no. His wife, Julie Gautier, swam beside him with zero scuba equipment and recorded the whole thing – a feat possibly even better than Guillaume’s.


The 35-year-old Frenchman said:

I just love this place, its one of the most fascinating place to freedive in the world, even if its artificial.

When you are in this pool, it feels like a science fiction scene, futuristic, and the water is so clear that sometimes you have the feeling that you are flying.

Speaking of this dive in particular, Guillaume said it was pretty ‘straightforward’. Wow.