Guy Pretends To Play UFC Pay-Per-View Fight On Stream To Avoid Getting Copyrighted

@TheRealSMA / Twitter

An imaginative, and quite frankly genius streamer broadcast a live pay-per-view UFC match while pretending to play it as a video game.

AJ Lester, from the US, streamed UFC 218 in full on Saturday night across multiple platforms, including Twitch – and was seen in the corner of the screen, controller in hand.

In a clip posted on Twitter, you can see AJ watching the headline rematch between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, reacting to punches as if he was in control of the action – with suggestions it was done as a way of ‘avoiding’ his stream being taken down via the cunning deception.

It is pretty funny! Watch the clip here:

The tweet, posted by Aaron – or @TheRealSMA – was retweeted more than 67,000 times and liked more than 149,000 times.

In a follow-up stream on Twitch, AJ spoke to his fans about his ‘new found fame’, saying he’d had to turn his off email notifications because of the number of followers he was getting on Twitter and various other social media.

In response to questions around the legality of his actions – and the threat of recriminations from Twitch – AJ apparently said he had not heard from any authority.

He also said he had deleted the video of the fight, writes EuroGamer.

Plenty of people commented on the tweet hailing the ‘gamer’ as a ‘genius’:

In the match, Holloway defeated Aldo for the second time, stopping him with strikes late in the third round — an exact repeat of their first meeting at UFC 212 in June.

Holloway retained his title for the first time at the event, which took place at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

UFC 217 also brought the drama with a lot of question marks being raised when Georges St-Pierre (GSP) decided to return to the sport.

Despite being a long-time welterweight champion – taking on middleweight champion and seasoned campaigner Michael Bisping, in the main event at which took place at Madison Square Garden.

His last outing was in 2013, defeating Johny Hendricks via a controversial points decision which many thought should have swung in favour of his opponent – on the night, in Las Vegas, GSP revealed a lot was going on in his personal life and he ‘needed to hang up his gloves for a little bit’.

‘For a little bit’ turned into four years but his return to the Octagon did not disappoint!

GSP looked bigger and more muscular than four years ago and managed to absorb several blows from Bisping before finishing the champ with a devastating counter left.

This was the shot that set up the famous win for GSP:

GSP knew where Bisping was weak, as he mentioned in his post-fight comments:

I studied Michael’s tape and I knew he had a problem with shots from the right, so I faked on the left side to attract his attention and I struck him on the right.

His tactics paid off as Bisping went down, visibly shaken by the blow before GSP dived on top of him to finish the fight in style.

You can watch the full ending here:

‘The Count’ Bisping then stepped into the Octagon for UFC Shanghai at short notice to save the card’s main event.

He was knocked out by Kevin Gatelum in the opening round however, and it is believed the British TUF winner will call time on his fighting career after the UFC return to London on March 17, 2018.