German Athletes Debut Unitards In Protest Against Sexualisation Of Gymnastics

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Jul 2021 07:40
German Athletes Debut Unitards In Protest Against Sexualisation Of Gymnasticsseitzeli/Instagram

Germany’s gymnastics team at the Tokyo Olympics are wearing unitards in a stand against the ‘sexualisation’ of their sport.

Just recently, Norway’s women’s beach handball team was handed a fine of more than €1,000 after refusing to wear bikini bottoms at the European Championships, instead opting for shorts and being penalised for ‘improper clothing’.


On the world’s biggest sporting stage, Germany’s Olympics team is protesting the sexualisation of gymastics with full-length unitards, covering their legs and most of their body. Fortunately, it doesn’t defy the rules, which allow for a ‘one-piece leotard with full-length legs – hip to ankle’.

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Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui, Pauline Schaefer and Sarah Voss showed off their new fuschia and black outfits to the public while practising on Thursday, July 22.

‘Our podium training went really well. We were able to call up our performance and introduce ourselves to the judges. Fine-tuning will be done again until Sunday and then it will finally start. How do you like our new outfit?’ Schaefer wrote on Instagram. ‘Nice arena, good podium training, beautiful unitards, and a lot of joy,’ Bui also wrote.


As per BBC News, the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) confirmed back in April that its athletes were standing against ‘sexualisation in gymnastics’ and fighting to prevent sexual abuse, with Voss saying, ‘We hope gymnasts uncomfortable in the usual outfits will feel emboldened to follow our example.’


German Gymnasts Protesting Against Sexualisation Of The Sport Fail To Make Final

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‘We, women, all want to feel good in our skin. In the sport of gymnastics it gets harder and harder as you grow out of your child’s body. As a little girl I didn’t see the tight gym outfits as such a big deal. But when puberty began, when my period came, I began feeling increasingly uncomfortable,’ she explained.

According to Bui’s earlier post, the team wants to ‘encourage all gymnasts around the world to be able to wear this if they want to feel better! It should be a gymnast’s choice to wear what’s she (or he) feels comfortable with! Long legs leotards can also look aesthetically pleasing!’


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