German Cup Game Sees Severed Head Thrown From Stands

Security High Around FC Union Football MatchGetty

Fans throwing things from stands is nothing new in football.

Everyone remembers Barcelona fans using a severed pig’s head to troll Luis Figo when he transferred to Real Madrid, but an incident in Germany yesterday has gone one step further.

During the DFB Pokal first round clash between Dynamo Dresden and Red Bull Leipzig (which Dresden won 5-4 on penalties after a 2-2 draw), a severed bull’s head was pictured laying on the ground, after being thrown from the stands by Dresden fans.

Bull Head


Dresden are infamous for their support, and regularly attract over 20,000 fans despite playing in the 2. Bundesliga.

They have a rivalry with Leipzig as they are both from the Saxony area of Germany (Dresden is the capital of Saxony, and Leipzig is it’s largest city), and the bull’s head was seen as a reference to Leipzig being owned by Red Bull.

We’re not entirely sure how you get a bull’s head past security these days, considering nearly all stadiums conduct bag checks given the fear of terrorist attacks, but someone, somehow, did, and it’s absolutely disgusting.