Giant Pumpkin Kayaking Revealed As World’s Weirdest Sport

Todd Sandstrum / Facebook

Giant pumpkin kayaking has been revealed as the world’s ‘weirdest sport’ by a new study.

2,000 British people were asked to identify several absurd sports in research that was sponsored by online casino Casumo.

The bizarre event that can be seen in Nova Scotia and involves people using hollowed out giant pumpkins as kayaks in a race against the clock was voted as being the most peculiar in the study.

Todd Sanstrum / Facebook

In second place was the self explanatory mud-pit belly flopping, yes you read that right, which is actually a common sport in none other than Texas of course.

Underwater hockey took third place although I wouldn’t really count it as a strange sport seeing that it is popular around the world.

Other offbeat sports which made the top ten include extreme ironing , professional gurning, chess boxing and the rather unpleasant sounding bog snorkelling which is practised in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales.


Greg Tatton-Brown, a spokesman from Casumo, said:

We’ve made it our mission to uncover the country’s most absurd games and celebrate the people who play them.

From bog snorkelling in Wales to egg tossing in Lincolnshire, the UK is a hotbed of inventive sporting activities which seek to test our physical endurance as well as the limits of our imagination whilst building friendships that last a lifetime.

Although there are plenty of people who love to play these out of this world sports, they aren’t exactly for everyone.

The study also found that one third of Brits are grossed out by the idea of bog snorkelling which is fair enough considering it involves swimming through mud.

Even underwater hockey was off-putting to many being considered the most dangerous of the absurd sports.


Although many of the sports were easy to identify thanks to their self-explanatory names, such as wife-carrying, others were more difficult.

Bossaball for example was baffling to the participants of the survey with only 17 per cent being able to identify the sport.

Now this is one I want to play since it involves an inflatable court and trampolines!


Despite the sports being prominent here in the UK, more than seven in 10 Brits are yet to try any of the top ones the world has to offer.

Only 58 of the people surveyed have tried zorbing which involves rolling around in a giant hamster ball and just 7 muggles have attempted Quidditch from the popular Harry Potter series.

But enthusiasm to try these strange sports is growing with over half of those surveyed willing to go watch one if a tournament was held nearby.


The top 20 most absurd sports in the world as revealed by the survey are:

1. Giant Pumpkin Kayaking
2. Mud-pit bellow flop
3. Bog snorkelling
4. The Extreme Ironing
5. Professional gurning
6. Dog surfing
7. Football Zorbing
8. Wife carrying
9. Chess boxing
10. Underwater hockey
11. Outhouse racing
12. Kabaddi
13. Bossaball
14. Cheese rolling
15. Quidditch
16. Unicycle polo
17. Parkour
18. Egg throwing
19. Pillow fighting
20. Wheelchair rugby

Now where can I go cheese rolling?