Goal-Line Technology Voted Best Football Innovation Of The Last 30 Years

by : UNILAD on : 05 Nov 2018 18:13
Cristiano Ronaldo Kicked A Ball So Hard At A Cameraman He Needed StitchesCristiano Ronaldo Kicked A Ball So Hard At A Cameraman He Needed StitchesGetty

Although goal-line technology has always caused division and debate, it has recently been voted the best football innovation of the last 30 years.

In a survey of 2,000 football supporters conducted by mobile network EE to mark the launch of the latest EE Wembley Cup, which sees four teams made up from YouTube’s most famous football bloggers and ex-international players battle it out for the trophy, goal-line technology was voted into the top spot closely followed by instant replay which was selected by four in 10 fans.


Giving the refereeing team microphones so they communicate with each other throughout matches scored third place while undersoil heating was voted into fourth followed by VAR in fifth.

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While some may argue one of the greatest things about the beautiful game is that it has stayed the same throughout history suggesting it should be left alone and unaltered, the research discovered three quarters of fans believe technological advancements have improved the sport.

54 per cent of those surveyed add they think these innovations have led to more ‘fair results’ at the end of matches and aided referees helping them make crucial in-game decisions.


World Cup winner and ex-Arsenal star Robert Pires even says technology has made football even more dramatic and exciting:

Recent innovations in football have revolutionised the way we talk about and watch matches.

I feel like matches have become more exciting and are packed with more action and drama as a result.

Although fans do believe innovations like these have improved the game, 47 per cent of those surveyed think the traditional match-day set-up could be further modernised and updated.


A quarter of those surveyed believe changes should be made to the transfer window so it should also apply to managers so they can only be replaced at certain points in the season.

Almost a third meanwhile would like to see the transfer window done away with altogether to teams can sell and buy players at any time throughout the season.

Although I am not sure what will happen to the transfer window, I don’t think football will ever be done modernising and updating.

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