Gymnast Jumps Through Hula Hoop In Mid-Air Split For ‘First Time Ever’

by : Lucy Connolly on : 01 Apr 2020 19:01


As millions of us around the world get used to having a lot more time on our hands than we usually would, some of us might have made a promise to ourselves that we’ll do something productive with that time.

Whether that means learning a new language, reading a set amount of books, starting a new beauty regime, or even just being kind to ourselves and recognising that we don’t have to be productive at all during these trying times, it really doesn’t matter.


One guy thought productivity did matter though, ticking off his goal even before all this began by somehow managing to jump through a hoop with a mid-air split.

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In fairness to the rest of us (i.e. me) whose main achievement today might have been getting out of bed and getting dressed, 30-year-old Andrew Price is a circus performer and gymnast – so of course he’s going to be slightly more accomplished than us.

That doesn’t take away from his incredible achievement in the slightest though, with the London-based gymnast performing the trick for the first time in history, he believes. ‘This trick doesn’t have a name and it’s the first time ever done as far as we know. A lot of professional hoop divers that we showed it to have said the same,’ he said.


Andrew performed the spectacular feat on January 13; as a hula hoop was thrown at him horizontally, the gymnast jumped and performed a mid-air split – called a ‘straddle’ – to fit through the hoop. The stunt you see in the video above was his third attempt.

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It all came about after Andrew asked whether anyone thought it would be possible to pass through the hoop in a straddle jump, with the gymnast explaining: ‘So we tried it out and it turned out pretty cool.’

Pretty cool indeed. Not cool enough for me to try it out because I don’t fancy giving my downstairs neighbours the shock of their lives when I fall through their ceiling, but cool enough for me to admire from afar certainly.


And hey, if he’s been practising in the last few weeks, I’m sure the gymnast will have honed his skills to an even more impressive standard now. Kudos to you, Andrew, and I look forward to seeing what you might have achieved once all of this is over.

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