Here’s How Much Cristiano Ronaldo Earned In 2015 Amid Tax Probe


Cristiano Ronaldo’s management company have defended their star over accusations of tax evasion by releasing his income for last year.

His paycheque? A cool £191 million.

The revelation comes after a data leak contained documents saying Ronaldo hid €150 million in image rights in the British Virgin Islands.


Agent services company Gestifute, run by super agent Jorge Mendes, released Ronaldo’s ‘Model 720’ tax form online, saying that the data released was previously supplied to Spanish tax officials.

The document says that Ronaldo declared just €23.5m of income earned from inside Spain, and €203.7m made elsewhere.

The documents did not show how many taxes Ronaldo paid, but a statement accompanying the documents said they showed his willingness to cooperate with authorities.


It read:

This document confirms that Spain’s Tax Agency is knowledgeable of all of Cristiano Ronaldo’s assets and income. From now on, the player will not make any further statement on this subject.

As reported in recent days, the player has been aware of his tax obligations right away from the beginning of his professional career in all of the countries in which he has resided, and has not and has never had any issue with the tax authorities of any of those countries.

This communication, which was not required by law, constitutes irrefutable proof that Cristiano Ronaldo and his representatives are in good faith and cooperate with the authorities in a spirit of transparency and compliance with legality.

Speaking about his financial situation on Wednesday while he left Real Madrid’s Champions League game, Ronaldo told Portuguese TV station RTP: “You believe I am worried? He who owes nothing, fears nothing.”