Here’s How Much David Beckham Earns Every Day


Being a football legend, it’s no secret that David Beckham is rich as hell.

But how much he makes per day is what people are talking about. Ready to feel bad about your paycheque?

This year, football legend David Beckham earned an eye-watering £71,000 per day. Per. Day. That’s more than most people earn in the entire year.

The figures come from the £3.8 million, which was paid to Beckham’s DB Ventures and lifestyle company Global Brands Group Holding Limited, which is thought to come from his successful collaboration with brands including H&M.

On top of that, his new company Seven Global LLP managed to make £8.6 million of profit in only seven months, the Mirror reports.

The firm, which he set up in May last year, is used to look after sales of his clothing, fragrance and accessory lines. Payments to Beckham are not revealed in the accounts for his companies, but a breakdown of the profits works out at £40,000 a day.


And then there’s Footwork Productions’ £11.4 million in profits which works out at a cool £31,000 a day after tax. The company rakes money in for the use of David’s name and his image.

Overall, the star is reportedly worth a staggering £280 million as of the end of this year. Just slightly more than me…