Here’s The Gruesome UFC Injury That Even Shocked Dana White


WARNING: Graphic image.

This picture is even nastier!!! @felderpaul

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If your’e an MMA fan you’re probably used to some pretty savage injuries, but when the President of the UFC thinks something is bad you know it is…

Brazilian lightweight Francisco Trinaldo hit his seventh straight win with a TKO victory over Paul Felder on Fight Night 95 with Felder suffering a brutal eye gash. reports

Felder took a lot of shots during the bout, but the ferocious elbow that pretty much split his eyebrow in two was enough to conclude things

The referee and ringside doctor were forced to call it as blood from the deep cut spilled uncontrollably into Felder’s right eye, with the loss halting Felder’s run in the 155-pound division.

The crowd at the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium erupted as their hometown fighter was awarded the win and judging by how his eye looked after the fight, Felder can have absolutely no complaints.

In fact, the injury was so brutal, that Dana White posted a grim picture of the damage caused by Trinaldo’s elbow on his Instagram.

I'm feeling like the @felderpaul stoppage was a good one!!!

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Rather you than me mate, rather you than me…