Here’s The Real Meaning Behind Mayweather’s ‘Gimp Suit’ Walk-Out Outfit

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There’s only one question everyone wants the answer to from last night’s super-fight and it’s ‘why exactly did Mayweather wear a ‘gimp suit’?’


Yes really, a ‘gimp suit’. Just look at it.

At the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor took to the ring in what was the most highly-anticipated fight of the decade which saw the boxing champ crowned the victor.


Although Mayweather came out on top in the fight, he was ridiculed for his ring-walk outfit, which was definitely a strange choice.


Wearing a black jacket with a gold-lined hood, Mayweather also wore a black face mask and cap meaning all you could see of him were his mouth and eyes.

People took to social media to question his fight-night style which, come on, did resemble a gimp suit:

Designed by Philipp Plein, Mayweather’s outfit was perhaps the most flamboyant the boxing world has ever seen.

The pair first met in the South of France earlier this year and after modelling in the designer’s show, the boxer asked him to design his ring-walk outfit.

Plein told The Telegraph:


Floyd’s gear needs to be both functional and fashionable, so within the guidelines of the sport I created pieces for the fight that represent my view, my lifestyle and my taste.

Plein continued:

Luxurious and unexpected materials like python and crocodile are used instead of the classic sport and technical fabrics and Floyd’s classic black and gold colours are reinvented using embellishments in Swarovksi crystals.

Sport stars are the heroes of our times. They are icons, and represent what a man can look up to and emulate in many ways, including style and fashion.

This can only make men more and more conscious of their own style.

Whether you like the look or not, you can’t argue with the fact it certainly made an impact.

With Plein and Mayweather planning a two year collaboration which will see them work together on special collections, I’m sure you can expect some more odd sport gear soon.

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