Here’s The Staggering Amount Of Money Conor McGregor Made Last Year


Conor McGregor’s return to combat sports is highly anticipated, but based on what is sat in his bank account he certainly won’t have to rush.

‘The Notorious’ made history in 2016 after becoming the first man to simultaneously hold UFC titles in separate divisions, and where success goes money surely follows.

According to Forbes‘ list of the highest paid athletes on the planet, Mystic Mac banked a cool $44 million in 2016 – roughly £35.2 million.


The cash is divided between $22 million in pay, $18 million in winnings, and a further $4 million in sponsorship.

Not a bad return at all, but amazingly that still only sees the Dubliner 85th on the list.

Boxing rival, and McGregor’s long-time rumoured next fight opponent (seriously, when is this shit finally be confirmed or put to bed?), Floyd Mayweather, reportedly saw $88 million incoming to his account in 2016, placing ‘Money’ 69 places above the Irishman at 16th.


UFC fighter and fellow member of Straight Blast Gym, Gunnar Nelson, has insisted cash is not Mcgregor’s only motivation though.

He told ESPN:

Money is not the only thing he cares about, at all. He does care about it a lot, but if a fight excites him and he thinks it’s a great challenge, if it’s making history and all that kind of stuff, he’ll do it…

He’s got a lot of money now that keeps him occupied. He can do a lot of stuff. I think he’d be all right for a year. He always has something cooking.

Right now, it’s the Mayweather fight, and that seems like it’s going to happen. I think he’ll keep himself busy one way or another.

Well, should the Mayweather fight finally come to fruition, McGregor’s bank balance for 2017 should comfortably exceed last year’s figure.