Here’s Why Usain Bolt Will Only Be Photographed In Jamaica From Now On

by : UNILAD on : 25 Aug 2016 10:37

After all the controversy that’s surrounded Usain Bolt in the past few days about his alleged affair, it was only a matter of time before he’d try to sort out his image. 


The legendary Olympian, who clinched the ‘treble treble’ after his gold medal winning exploits in Rio, has vowed that from now on if any brand wants to use him as the face of their product, they have to come out to his native Jamaica.

Bolt, who has already worked with the likes of Nissan, Puma and Virgin, announced on Jamaican TV that he hopes to impose this one constraint on any future contracts, to help the country’s economy, Konbini reports.

And on the face of it it’s not a bad plan, as each photo shoot or filming opportunity requires several people and by getting these teams to come out it will help the Caribbean country to diversify its economy.


Bolt explained to Television Jamaica:

When we started out people always wanted to do the shoots in Miami, Los Angeles and all over the world. We decided that you know what, we will be doing a lot more shoots. So any contract we sign, the shoot has to be in Jamaica. So we can give people jobs and help people.

Dependant on the scale of the shoot, Bolt added that he hoped it will create local jobs for over 100 people.

This isn’t the only way the famous sprinter is helping out his fellow countrymen, he has a foundation that has donated millions of dollars to Jamaica’s schools.


You’ve got to commend the man for using his fame, money and influence to improve his country’s fortunes.

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