Heroic Baseball Fan Takes Home-Run To The Gut In Order To Save His Beers

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Oct 2019 07:46
Guy takes baseball to the gut so he doesn't drop his two beersGuy takes baseball to the gut so he doesn't drop his two beers@MLBONFOX/Twitter

A sports fan who was drinking two beers simultaneously took a soaring baseball to the gut in order to save his drinks. 


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the hefty price of food and drinks at big events, where staff members will rack up the asking price in order to swindle every last penny from you.

A can of coke from the local shop? 80p. A coke at a gig? £5. It’s even worse for alcohol, where the cost of a single drink can soar into the double digits.

So, it’s understandable why this guy wasn’t going to risk wasting a single drop of his two beers:


The dedicated man was in the stands at the Washington Nationals v. Houston Astros World Series baseball game yesterday, October 27, where he was cheering for the Nationals.

During the game, Astros’ batter Yordan Alvarez hit a home run, causing the ball to fly towards the crowd. As a Major League Baseball player, I think it’s safe to assume Alvarez’s hit would have been a hard one, and as a result the ball was probably flying at a very high speed.

At that point, a lot of fans would have braced themselves for the impact, likely readying their hands in order to catch the ball.

But not two-beer man.

Footage of the Nationals fan showed him eyeing up the baseball as it flew towards him. Though he clearly knew it was coming, it seems the prospect of dropping his beers in order to use his hands as protection didn’t even cross his mind.

Instead, he staggered backwards before bracing his chest for the impact. He kept his hands, and consequently his two beers, away from the incoming ball and even managed to keep them upright when the missile-like object made contact.


He could be seen puffing his cheeks out, probably in pain, before searching the ground for the ball.

Naturally, the fan has been hailed a hero by the internet.

One Twitter user wrote:

Shout out to the guy who was double fisting it and took the homer to the chest like a man. I wanna buy you a beer, sir. #TakeItBack

While another commented:

That guy who took the home run ball off his chest while double fisting beers is a hero

Having successfully saved his beers, the man dropped to the ground – where he probably carefully placed his precious drinks – to pick up the ball, which he then proudly displayed to the crowd.

Still, his night at the ballpark probably wasn’t as bad as Donald Trump’s.



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