Hilarious Moment BBC Presenter Feels Awkward So Pretends He Has An iPad

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 16.06.10BBC

BBC Sport presenter Chris Mitchell had a bit of an episode on air recently, when he forgot how to finish a bulletin.

Don’t worry though, he managed to pull it back at the last minute without looking like a complete idiot.

Only joking, he did look like a complete idiot, as most people do when they pretend their hand is an iPad.


The video is reminiscent of another iPad related blunder by a BBC presenter, when Simon McCoy accidently grabbed a pack of photocopier paper, holding it awkwardly throughout a piece on ‘drunk tanks’.

I like to think that somewhere in the BBC, there is a memo telling presenters that if they ever get stuck, just pretend you have an iPad. The viewers love it.