Hilarious Moment UFC Fighter’s Mum Embarrasses Him Mid-Fight

ufc-embarrassment_wtInstagram / khalilrountree

Just because you’re a super masculine UFC fighter who gets paid to be punched doesn’t mean your mum won’t find a way to embarrass you.

Khalil Rountree found that out in the hardest and most public way possible during his debut fight at The Ultimate Fighter 23.

While the fight highlight of the weekend was almost certainly Brock Lesnar’s triumphant return to the ring at UFC 200, this moment on Friday night definitely wins for hilarity.

The 26-year-old light heavyweight was fighting Andrew Sanchez and things weren’t exactly going great for him before his mum piped up.

Sanchez had Roundtree pinned to the mat against the cage and was landing the occasional headshot – not traditionally a fight winning position for Khalil.

However, things were about to get worse as his mum was going nuts encouraging him from her spot outside The Octagon. Literally adding insult to injury by embarrassing him during his big moment.

It’s almost reassuring to know that no matter who you are or where you end up in life your family will always find a way to bring you back to earth with a healthy dose of shame.

Amazingly Roundtree kept it together enough to tell his mum to shut up while he’s being dominated by Sanchez.

Listen to the hilarious moment here:

Despite his mum’s best effort to inspire him to greatness Rountree judges awarded the match to Snachez 30-25, 30-25 and 30-26.

He did take the time to apologise to his mum after the fight when the adrenaline had subsided though: