Hockey Player Goes On One-Man Rampage, Fights Entire Team

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Ice hockey is pretty renowned for its fast paced and sometimes let say ‘heated’ game-play, but this hockey player took it to a whole new level.

China’s new hockey squad, called the Beijing Kunlun Red Stars, were hoping to test its ability in an exhibition match against Kazakhstan’s Barys Astana.

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However, the KHL preseason game barely lasted three minutes after one Kazakh player, Damir Ryspayev, decided to run after the entire Red Stars team and try to beat the crap out of them, after hitting one of their players with a cheap shot.

Kunlun’s Tomáš Marcinko was hit when he wasn’t looking and didn’t get back up, but not content with hitting one player, Ryspayev skated after other players on the ice.

He managed to throw several punches at three more players and drag them to the floor by their jerseys.

But this still wasn’t enough for Damir, deciding to go after the Kunlun bench and pick even more fights. An absolute madman.

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So it probably won’t surprise you that out of his 23 games in his KHL career he’s already racked up 194 penalty minutes with zero points. Definitely ‘the enforcer’ of the team.

The game was finally called off when Kunlun coach Vladimir Jurzinov hauled his team off the ice and forfeited the game.

The KHL immediately suspended Ryspayev, pending further punishment by the league’s disciplinary board, CBS Sports report.


It’s definitely the kind of feat Happy Gilmore would have been proud of.