Horse Gets Tailored Suit, Looks More Dapper Than You


Bookmakers William Hill have gifted a horse a three-piece tweed suit and, to be fair, he pulls it off a lot better than most toffs.

According to Bored Panda, it’s actually the world’s first three-piece tweed suit for an animal, and was commissioned to mark the opening of the 2016 Cheltenham Festival.

Morestead can be seen modelling his new look alongside champion jockey Sir Tony McCoy.

To produce the suit it took over 59ft of tweed, four weeks, and probably a hell of a lot of personal reflection when the tailors realised they were dressing a horse.

Actually, the tailoring adds even more prestige to the suit for Morestead, with former Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King responsible for creating the garment.

Yeah, this dapper bugger knows exactly where the camera is!