Ian Wright Celebrating England Penalty Win Was Every Fan Last Night

by : Emily Brown on : 04 Jul 2018 10:35
Ian Wright celebrating England winIan Wright celebrating England winITV

Fans across the nation showed their excitement yesterday (July 3) when England beat Colombia in the World Cup, but Ian Wright’s reaction tops them all. 


Those watching held their breath as Eric Dier stepped forward to take the crucial penalty, with Arsenal legend Ian Wright holding his head in his hands in the ITV studio.

Dier’s goal ensured England progressed into the quarter-finals, with pubs and living rooms across England bursting into celebration, knowing the penalty shootout curse has well and truly been booted away!

Ian Wright’s hilariously fantastic display on camera, as he flew up from his chair with a look that can only be described as pure, unadulterated joy, was literally every England in that exact moment.

Watch it here:


Wright grabbed fellow presenter Lee Dixon as he cheered, and Gary Neville, who was also present in the studio, couldn’t resist getting involved – throwing his arms around the pair and starting a group celebration.

Wright continues to throw his hands in the air and cheer, literally jumping for joy at the result.

The studio setting turns into chaos, with papers being thrown around and the presenters too busy cheering to focus on anything else.

Ian Wright CelebratingIan Wright CelebratingITV

Wright claps and praises the sky – I’m surprised he didn’t actually fall to his knees –  while Lee Dixon and Gary Neville begin to regain some sort of composure.

Wright notices the team have to get back to presenting, but can’t resist one last clap before sitting down.


His reaction was the perfect mirroring of most England fans last night as they sent Colombia home with a 4-3 win on penalties – England’s first knock out win in 12 years.

Ian Wright shared the video of his reaction on Twitter, writing:

Love this country Love this team.

The former football star wasn’t the only celebrity thrown into elation by England’s win.

A whole heap of other famous stars, including the current England players took to social media to share their delight with the world.

England’s captain, Harry Kane, wrote:

What. A Feeling.

While ex-England player Gary Lineker said:

Football. There is nothing like it. Nothing.


Ross Kemp shared a video expressing his love for the players, saying:

You will never know what that means to me. That is everything. EVERYTHING.

The Three Lions even got a tweet from the royals, which read:

I couldn’t be prouder of @england – a victory in a penalty shootout! You have well and truly earned your place in the final eight of the #worldcup and you should know the whole country is right behind you for Saturday!

Come on England! W

Celebratory drinks were definitely in order, and a study done by Centropy PR has estimated around five million Brits have called in sick to work today, while they nurse a post-England game hangover.

It was worth it, it’s coming home, surely!

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