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There are tons of betting apps out there, but how many times do they spontaneously reward you with greater odds?

The football season is well and truly underway and while some club fans are already reaping the rewards of a new manager and new players, some are reliving the anguish of nearly winning the league…again!

Most betting apps give you static odds or it changes as the game progresses, but what if you could be rewarded beyond the regular odds offered right from the start?
Ok, you got me, tell me more!

Get Kwiffed

Kwiff is a next generation football-betting app that spontaneously increases the odds after you place your bet on a game.

Kwiff App

I can hear you asking how? When you place a bet on say Arsenal vs. Liverpool at 2/1 odds, Kwiff could randomly bump that up. If you do you get “Kwiffed”.

When you get Kwiffed, you get more for your money, so while other betting apps are giving you the same odds, you get a lot more.

What if I change my mind you may ask? Well, you also get 15 seconds to withdraw your bet, and guess what? It’s the first time a betting app has allowed you to change your mind.

So how lucky are you?

To see people’s reactions when they are spontaneously rewarded beyond expectation, Kwiff took over a pub in London, divided it in half, and projected the Chelsea vs. West Ham game on the big screen and what happened after was amazing!

Kwiff Football Betting
With unsuspecting punters who thought they were being filmed for a social experiment, it was hilarious to see how they reacted when it started raining money.
Life really is unfair, even when betting

In the pub, those who were lucky enough to be on the right side took some free cash home, while the other side just got the privilege of watching them.

Kwiff Football Betting

When using Kwiff, you may or may not be kwiffed, and you could even be the only one in your group of friends to get Kwiffed.

Are you the Chosen One like Mourinho? Put your luck to the test, download Kwiff now. Registration and loading money onto it only takes a couple of minutes and you could be in for a treat.