Insider Reveals Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Date Is Set

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2016 17:49

Conor McGregor’s next fight in the UFC seemed to be nearing announcement following that dinner with Dana White, but plans are rumoured to have changed. Again.


Many took the Irishman’s meeting with the UFC President as a signal that the talk of fighting Floyd Mayweather in a lucrative boxing match was only talk, but one journalist now says he has inside information that the bout will happen later this year.

As reported by MMA Fighting, Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd is so confident in his intel that he has already booked hotel rooms for a September fight in Las Vegas.

Speaking on his podcast, ‘The Herd‘, Cowherd said:


News I believe is gonna break here in about 2 weeks… I have already booked two rooms, September 17th and 18th in Las Vegas. My intel is Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. It changed late last week. I got a call then somebody else sent me something [Sunday] and Saturday. We’ve booked rooms in Vegas. [It’s happening] this September.

Mayweather did have a very bad last pay per view gate – 550,000 people, he tries to get 2 to 3 million. So I think this is the most profitable fight for CBS and Mayweather. CBS has been working with Mayweather for years. That’s why his fights are on Showtime, because CBS owns Showtime.

So Les Moonves [President and CEO of CBS] and the CBS peeps have decided, ‘let’s talk to the Fox – UFC peeps’ and you’ve got Fox and CBS, you’ve got UFC, you’ve got boxing, you’ve got Floyd, you’ve got Conor. It’s gonna make a lot of money for people.

For any journalist, it is a risk to put your name to such a rumour, particularly if you won’t name your source – so Cowherd must be feeling pretty confident about this.

So maybe we will see ‘The Notorious’ McGregor and ‘Money’ Mayweather going toe-to-toe after all, as everybody chases a payday.


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