What Do You Get When You Cross Spongebob And A Goalkeeper?

South Korea v Iran - FIFA World Cup QualifierGetty

A goalkeeper in Iran has been banned from playing football for six months, after being seen wearing some highly questionable trousers.

It sounds made up, but ex-Persepolis goalie Sosha Makani was pictured wearing a pair of ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ trousers, which went against strict clothing laws.

The photo was posted on social media last month and spotted by the Iranian Football Federation, who clearly weren’t fans of the outfit.

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They’ve decided to slap the 29-year-old former Iran international with a six-month ban, and it’s not the first time he’s fallen foul of the governing body.

Back in January, Makani was pictured with plenty of women – who were not related to him – another no-no in the Middle East. The goalkeeper was arrested and jailed before later being released.

Maybe in hindsight, he shouldn’t have gone straight out and bought some horrendous trousers, but maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes.

Makani can appeal the ban if he feels hard done by, but as long as the powers that be make him burn those trousers to a crisp, we’re happy.