Iranian Hulk Signs Up To Bare-Knuckle Boxing Championship And Is Looking For An Opponent

Iranian Hulk Signs Up To Bare-Knuckle Boxing Championship And Is Looking For An OpponentIranian Hulk/Instagram

The Iranian Hulk has joined the Bare-Knuckle Boxing Championship – but he’s still searching for his first opponent. 

Sajad Gharibi has long circulated the web, earning his superhero title for his outrageous, near inhuman physique.

The 27-year-old is also known as the Persian Hercules. With that in mind, do you reckon you could take him in a fight?

At 390lb and 6ft 2in, he’s an absolute monster of a man, weighing roughly the same as a killer whale calf.

Gharibi is the latest signing by the American fighting organisation, and is expected to make his debut in the ring sometime in 2020.

The Iranian Hulk previously said in 2016 that he’d join military forces to help fight the so-called Islamic State.

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@Wwe i wont give up . I promise you @tripleh.

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However, in January, he announced his interest in MMA fighting and used Instagram – where he has nearly 45,000 followers – to invite people to get in the ring with him.

He wrote: 

Be brave and invite me to fight, rather than hiding behind your sponsors. I am ready to fight you, show me what you’ve got to say in the ring.

It took a while, but in May, someone finally stepped up. Gharibi wrote: ‘So I’m finally accepting my first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020.’

However, the hype for the fight was over too quickly; he was widely speculated to be fighting 29-year-old Romario dos Santos Alves, also known as the Brazilian Hulk.

The pair have a bit of a history: in March this year, he threatened to ‘tear off’ Gharibi’s head in an online video. However, he only weighs 229lb, so it’s not exactly the fairest match-up.

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Having accepted his challenge, I soon realized that this coward Brazilian Romario( brazilian hulk) refused to fight with me in the cage. I should have known he wouldn't have the guts to face me. He wanted to knock my head off what a hilarious joke! I wish I could have faced him in the cage so that I could crush his head under my feat. Anyhow, I'm excited for a good challenge. Whoever comes, I'll be ready. Let me put it in a nutshell whoever dares to challenge me I'll destroy him. بعد از اینکه من چالش و دعوت مبارزه را قبول کردم متوجه شدم روماریوی ترسوی هالک برزیلی جا زده است و از ترسش حاضر به مبارزه با من در قفس نیست ، از همان اول هم شوخی خنده داری بود که این بچه گفت سر من را جدا خواهد کرد امیدوار بودم که او را در قفس له میکردم که دیگر جرات نکند حرف بزرگتر از دهانش بزند . به هر حال ما در اوج آمادگی هستیم برای مبارزه و حتما به بهترین پیشنهاد جواب مثبت خواهیم داد . هر کس که بخواهد من را به چالش بکشد به بدترین شکل پایان او را رقم خواهم زد . تاکیید میکنم روماریو ترسوی برزیلی حتی از روبرو شدن با من قبل مسابقه هم هراس داشت در هر صورت من برای مسابقه اخر سال میلاد کاملا آماده هستم

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In July this year, Gharibi wrote on Instagram his Brazilian counterpart refused to fight him in the cage.

Let’s hope the Iranian Hulk finds his Abomination soon.

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