Jack Shepherd Found Unconscious In Lift After England’s World Cup Win

Coronation Street star Jack ShepherdGetty

Soapland’s Jack Shepherd was found unconscious in a lift after celebrating the fact that football is almost certainly, definitely coming home in 2018.

After 52 years of hurt, the Coronation Street actor is celebrating England’s so-far successes in the FIFA World Cup with a night out on the real life cobbles just like the rest of us.

…And this was the result:

jack Shephard in a liftjackpshepherd88/Instagram

Jack was found by none other than a Corrie fan who was rather surprised to find ‘David Platt’ passed out in the lift up to a flat in Manchester.

The waitress was on her way up to her boyfriend’s flat just after midnight when the lift doors opened to reveal the famous face asleep on the floor inside.

The Manchester-based actor was wearing the Three Lions jersey and had managed to hold onto a bottle opener as well as his phone – which is nothing short of miraculous, all things considered.

The fan couldn’t resist taking the picture before getting into the lift herself and climbing over him to get to her floor while the actor continued to snooze – before getting out and sending him back down again.

A friend of the unidentified fan told The Sun:

She found it too awkward to wake him up. She just went to get in the lift and Jack was passed out on the floor.

Jack later saw the story and found it so funny he shared the picture to his Instagram story.

jack Shephard in a liftjackshepherd88/Instagram

Jack, who’s an Instagram regular with girlfriend Hanni Treweek, posted videos on his social media accounts on Tuesday showing his celebration of England’s victory over Colombia.

To be fair, it’s not the first time he’s seen the funny side of his drinking habits caught on camera:

Celebrations have been breaking out across the country as football fans eagerly await the hopeful return of football.

For more drunken tomfoolery where that came from, take a look at these fails:

England are gearing up to play Sweden in this afternoon’s FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 quarter-final.

Just hours before the Swedish football team face England, the befuddled looking players were given a rude awakening at 8am by their five-star hotel fire alarm.

The team was risen at 8am local time this morning (Saturday 7 July) at the posh Lotte hotel where they’re staying before the game later this afternoon which kicks off at 3pm GMT.

Meanwhile Gareth Southgate’s team were tucked up in bed a few miles away so will be well-rested before today’s match, much to the delight of home supporters – and presumably Jack Shepherd included.

Just hours ago England players left their hotel in Samara to stretch their legs ahead of tonight’s huge game.

A brief walk by the river, then back to the hotel for lunch before a pre-match run through and then all aboard the coach to head to the stadium, apparently.

This come after last night’s game where Belgium beat Brazil to knock the team out of the World Cup, in what’s been described as possibly the ‘best’ game yet.

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