Injury Prone Wilshere Proves He’s An Idiot With Moronic Workout


What's done is done, all I can do now is prepare for next season the best I can! ⚽️❤️

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Footballers posting pictures of themselves working out ahead of the new Premier League season is nothing new.

However, when it comes to Jack Wilshere, we’re more used to seeing pictures of him in the tabloids, partying and smoking.

After a thoroughly shit European Championships with England, the Arsenal midfielder took to Instagram to post a workout update, but it backfired thanks to its utter weirdness.

It shows Wilshere doing pull ups (nothing unusual right?), on his shower rail (alright that’s weird), and seemingly working out in his bathroom.

Fans couldn’t resist a Twitter backlash, and vented their fury in 140-character form.

The Twittersphere has a point – why wouldn’t you use some of your huge wages to buy a pull-up bar?

The sight of a fully grown man – and one who is seriously injury prone at that – hanging from a thin piece of metal while surrounded by glass and water is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, let’s hope the rail is stronger than Wilshere’s ankles and he doesn’t cause a bizarre injury to himself.