Jamie Vardy’s Wife Reveals Real Reason They Blocked Lookalike

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jun 2016 10:49
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Since becoming one of the most talked about footballers in the country over the last 12 months, Jamie Vardy’s celebrity status has seen him gain a doppelganger.


Lee Chapman, a full-time postman, has been riding Vardy’s coat tails for the last few months, earning £200 an hour as a Vardy lookalike at events, but has since been blocked by the Leicester City striker and his new wife Rebekah.

Many accused the so-called ‘power couple’ of losing their sense of humour over the situation, but Rebekah has now revealed the real reason why Chapman was blocked on Twitter, as well as threatening legal action if he continues to ride his fame wave.

Mrs. Vardy took to Twitter to explain the situation:


Chapman responded to one of the tweets, accusing Rebekah of libel, and now the whole situation is threatening to become uglier than a night on the blue WKD:

Many of the tweets Rebekah was replying to have now been deleted, but she revealed that Chapman would tag himself and his agency in pictures uploaded to the Vardy’s social media, in an attempt to make himself a few extra quid.

Whether you think this was – as Rebekah put it – worthy of being labelled a ‘stalker’ or not, it’s certainly not ideal to have someone going through your personal images in a blatant attempt to make some money for themselves.

Looks like Postman Pat will be back on his rounds in no time.


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