Jim White’s Definitive Guide To Deadline Day

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If there’s one thing that lets you know that it’s transfer deadline day, it’s the appearance of Jim White and his yellow tie.

The Scot has became synonymous with the final day of the transfer window over the years, as he brings the latest developments as clubs scramble to get new players signed before time runs out.

Almost every football fan will be tuning into Sky Sports News tonight, and White will be his usual excitable self as he breaks the latest news.

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Speaking to Digital Spy, White talked about his army of fans:

I always know when the day is nigh, because everybody tells me in the street. Taxi drivers, van drivers hanging out of windows and shouting ‘Are you getting ready with the yellow tie?’

I will get dozens upon dozens of pictures with guys wearing yellow ties in their office telling me they’re taking part. People should get it off as a national holiday, but if they can’t, the next best thing is to wear a yellow tie to work.

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While people settle down at their desks and open up their spreadsheets, they’ll likely have their phones sat next to them, with Twitter loaded up ready to catch any news of latest happenings.

And White knows of the power of the Twittersphere:

With the development of social media, everybody seems to play a part in transfer deadline day! Twitter goes through the roof.

I can’t believe it now, I was a bit reluctant to go on Twitter, I thought ‘No one’s gonna follow me’, and now I have about 270,000 people or so.

I’ll have my phone right beside me looking for personal text messages from chairmen or players or agents, and I’ll also be looking on Twitter.

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When he does see the news on social media, White is now one of the go-to men for players and club officials, so they can inform fans that they’re signing a new player as quickly as possible.

Speaking about getting the news himself, White said:

I’ll be making a whole bundle of calls during breaks just to see who’s doing what.

I went on a couple of times ago, we heard Danny Welbeck was having a medical at Arsenal. And then we were told ‘Go cool on that’ because it might not have been as certain as we thought.

So the first break I got, I phoned someone at Arsenal and found out he was getting a medical at Arsenal. So that’s all I need, I just need confirmations, and knowing who to phone and when to phone them.

It’s quite a stressful day, I have absolutely no doubt that at 59, I’m getting close to being carried out of here on a stretcher. That will happen one day.

It’s stress but great stress. The fascination is that everyone is involved with it all over the country. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

It’s safe to say we’re all hoping White doesn’t end up on a stretcher, because deadline day wouldn’t be the same without him.