Jiu Jitsu Master Reveals How Dr David Dao Could Have Escaped United Airlines Security


A Jiu Jitsu master shows how Dr David Dao could have tackled United Airlines security after he was dragged off the plane and it’s pretty savage. 

Dr Dao from Kentucky, unfortunately hit the headlines this week, after shocking footage emerged of him being violently pulled out of his seat and out of the plane by the American airline’s security.

The clip showed the 69-year-old doctor with blood dripping down his lip, as he was forced out of his seat and down the aircraft stairs, against his will.


The horrific incident has since gone viral and now a Jiu Jitsu master has created a video showing how Dr Dao could have reacted, if he’d had the right moves.

The video was posted to Streamable and perfectly demonstrated how if Dr Dao had the necessary manoeuvres, he could have seriously busted their asses.

At the beginning of the clip, the master can be seen dragging his victim  – representing the doctor  – before showing how he could have broken out of the security guard’s hold and won his right to stay in his seat.

The footage lays a few options on the table including kicking the security guard in the face or wrapping their legs around their head and neck until they fall over.

Another option which would definitely work well – although it looks quite tricky to pull off – involved Dr Dao pushing at his hostage taker with his legs and causing him to spin round before putting him in an arm lock.

There were a multitude of different ways which involved twisting around, kicking and tripping the dragger over as well as putting him in a chokehold until he passes out…


Some of these may be a little controversial and perhaps a tad violent, but then so was the doctor’s unceremonious dragging out of the plane…

At least the whole terrible incident has been caught on camera and played out for all the world to see, so justice can be served and Dr Dao need not have to rely on martial arts in the future…