John Cena Joins In On Brilliant SNL Conor McGregor Skit


John Cena is very likeable guy, but Conor McGregor may have a few choice words for him following a skit on last night’s Saturday Night Live.

As reported by MMA Fighting, Cena starred as New England Patriot star Rob Gronkowski, alongside McGregor and John Daly for a game of ‘Where’d Your Money Go?’.

Check it out:

A damn good sketch, but Alex Moffat really needs to work on that McGregor accent…


During the bit Keenan Mitchell -yes that Keenan Mitchell- as host describes Moffat’s Mystic Mac as an ‘angry little Leprachaun’.

Time will tell if any would-be lightweight title rivals will have the bottle to say it to The Notorious’s face when he returns to action in 2017.


Kieron Curtis

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