Jonjo Shelvey Earns More A Week Than Neymar And Twitter Thinks It’s Madness

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Jonjo Shelvey earns more a week than Neymar – just let that sink in for a minute.

That’s right, the Newcastle United midfielder takes home a weekly wage of £80,000 – £3,000 more than Barcelona’s Neymar does.

The Brazilian superstar has all kinds of bonus clauses in his deal which means he’s hardly struggling for a few quid, but Shelvey – who is set to be a Championship player next season if Newcastle get relegated – takes home a larger basic wage.

As soon as the news came out, Twitter erupted in its usual beautiful way:

That girl off Gogglebox had the reaction nailed:

Some questioned the world:

Some questioned the Premier League:

And some just laughed hard:

Others were quick to point out where Shelvey could be playing next season:

Some people aimed criticism at the source of the problem:

And this guy summed it all up perfectly:

Never change, Twitter.