Jose Aldo Ripped To Pieces By Fight Fans For Response To McGregor Defeat


Although Floyd Mayweather came out on top during last night’s super-fight, no-one can deny that UFC champion Conor McGregor put in quite the performance too.

That is no-one except for McGregor’s old nemesis Jose Aldo, an opponent the Irish fighter knocked out in an embarrassing 13 seconds.

Clearly the Brazilian MMA fighter is still bitter about the defeat as he decided to tweet last night a series of ‘crying with laughter’ emoji faces to describe his reaction to the super-fight.

The response was clearly inappropriate considering that McGregor lasted ten rounds and landed 111 punches, the second most anyone has ever been able to land on the man who holds the greatest boxing record of all-time.

Of course social media reacted accordingly and ridiculed Aldo online.

It is understandable why Aldo is so bitter but there was certainly no need for him to tweet that response.

The rest of the UFC world had nothing but respect for the Irishman, even other opponents McGregor has defeated.

Would Aldo do any better against Mayweather? We highly doubt it.