Jurgen Klopp Makes Translator’s Job Hell And It’s Hilarious

Klopp 3 MirrorMirror

We love Jurgen Klopp, and you probably do too.

However, one man that might not share that love for him would be the poor bugger that was appointed as Klopp’s Spanish translator, ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League semi final with Villarreal tonight.

Klopp was asked a question about the Reds’ stunning comeback win against Borussia Dortmund in the quarter final, and proceeded to give a two minute long answer to the press.

This was bad news for the Spanish translator, who looked like a mini Marouane Fellaini with that dodgy haircut, who was tasked with repeating everything the German said to the Spanish press.

Check it out:


Klopp even threw a cheeky smile towards the beleagured bloke, who must have been expecting an easier day when he rocked up.

He definitely deserved his paycheque today.