Justin Bieber Got Absolutely Nailed During An Ice Hockey Match

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jan 2017 17:32

Justin Bieber got completely owned during a recent hockey match and the video is brilliantly brutal.


It seems the controversial popstar got what has been coming to him for a long while, when he had a brush-in with a professional hockey player, according to Uproxx.

Biebs was taking part in a Celebrity Shootout at this year’s NHL All-Star event, when he had a but of a scuffle with a hench pro-player…

It was all fun and games until the strapping  6ft 6″ player, Chris Pronger, effortlessly scooped up Biebs, dragged him to one side and slammed him against the wall of the ice-rink.


The smug popstar was pictured with smiles plastered over his face through the entirety of the games until he got his comeuppance, when suddenly, he didn’t look quite so happy…

Despite this awkward run-in with a major hockey player, twice his size, the sorry singer bizarrely claimed it was one of the ‘highlights’ of his life. Ok then…

Annoyingly Bieber’s been really well-spirited about the whole thing and took it like a man, which means we can’t even rib him for having a whine.

At least we’ve got the close-up of his squashed and terrified face to cherish for now…

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