Justin Bieber Reveals Surprise Prediction For Mayweather Vs McGregor

Wikimedia Commons

Justin Bieber is a close friend of Floyd Mayweather, but still doesn’t fancy his mate’s chances of knocking out Conor McGregor next weekend.

Justin has backed Mayweather all the way, walking him into the ring for the Pacquaio fight. As August 26 approaches, it’s clear the popstar still beliebs Money will win, but he isn’t so sure about floyd’s chances of knocking Mystic Mac out.

Mayweather, however, remains confident he will K.O. The Notorious long before the 12th round. Plenty of boxing experts are also putting their money on it. However, sceptical Justin appears to disagree.

New footage from TMZ shows Justin being interviewed as he returns from church.

When asked ‘what about the fight, man?’ Biebs keeps his answers short and sweet. The Canadian pop idol and former YouTube sensation, gave a solid ‘Yes’ when asked if he is still team Mayweather, but can those ‘old, brittle hands’ deliver knockout force?

In Justin Bieber‘s words, ‘I don’t think so’. Insightful…

Not long now until the big day, and we’ll find out who truly has the gift of foresight. Mystic Mac or Justin ‘I don’t think so’ Bieber.

Bring. It. On.