Kickboxer Knocks Out Opponent Twice Her Age With Brutal Kick To Head

Kickboxer Knocks Out Opponent Twice Her Age With Brutal Kick To HeadBellator Kickboxing

A young kickboxer from France flattened her opponent twice her age with an impressive kick to the head in the second round of their brutal match.

Jade Jorand, 19, made her professional debut at the Bellator Kickboxing show in Milan, Italy, on Saturday (October 12), where she came up against 37-year-old fighter Silvia La Notte.

Twice her opponent’s age, La Notte was far more experienced, having fought 88 times, 66 of which were wins.

Kickboxer Knocks Out Opponent Twice Her Age With Brutal Kick To HeadBellator Kickboxing

However, it would seem as though youth prevailed over experience, as Jorand impressively clinched the second round the moment La Notte let her guard down.

Jorand acted fast, launching a fast left foot at La Notte’s face, prompting her to immediately drop to the floor.

You can watch the brutal feat here:

Yep, that’s gonna hurt.

Jorand’s victory came before the main fight between Gabriel Varga and Christian Faustino, who were fighting for Varga’s Bellator Kickboxing featherweight title.

Varga impressively extended his winning record to 18-6 with a unanimous decision over Faustino.

Defeating an established champion certainly isn’t a bad way to kick off your professional career in the ring.

Meanwhile, one fella recently proved that sportsmen shouldn’t be discredited for their age, after he expertly dealt with a mugger.


68-year-old five-time kickboxing world champion Steve Shepherd was travelling through West Palm Beach in Florida earlier this year when the mugger thought it was a good idea to attack and demand his phone from him.

After being hit from behind with a bottle, Steve fell to the ground. However, getting back up, he swiftly delivered some instant karma to the mugger, in the form of a few broken ribs.

Speaking to CBS12, Steve said:

He hit me from behind in the eye. It was all bloody, much worse than this. And it buckled my knees.

‘Give me your effing phone. Give me your effing phone.’ He said that three or four times, he was very upset.

Instinct seemed to take over though, and Steve started throwing punches back at his attacker.

He added:

I’m sure I broke his ribs. I could hear it almost. I hit him with what’s called a right cross as he was still coming at me.

What he learned was he picked on the wrong guy. I kind of feel sorry for him. I was the world champion in five weight divisions. My claim to fame is I beat the guy who knocked out Mike Tyson.

Nothing better than a bit of instant karma.

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