Kid From Super Bowl Selfie Meme Reveals What Was Really Going On

by : UNILAD on : 05 Feb 2018 15:47

Unless you’ve been asleep all day, you’ll probably have noticed the Super Bowl ‘selfie kid’ has been all over the internet.


He is the kid who was captured casually looking down at his phone during the show before taking one of the best selfies ever during Justin Timberlake’s half time performance.

After being given some serious meme treatment today (February 5), 13-year-old Ryan McKenna has now spoken about becoming a viral sensation.

Fans loved watching the blonde-haired kid initially ignore the spectacle going down around him.


One suggestion was he might be googling the Tennessee pop star – who shot to fame as part of The Mickey Mouse Club and has been melodically enjoying mainstream music charts ever since.

But Ryan, who got a fantastic selfie with JT told Twin Cities:

It’s been so crazy. I don’t even know what to think. All my friends have been texting me and stuff. It’s insane. My phone is almost dead.

I’ve gotten so many notifications. I’ve got like 36 Snapchats, like 21 DMs and like 150 follower requests on Instagram.

Ryan’s dad, John, told reporters he ‘couldn’t believe the attention’ and said ‘never in a million years’ did they expect this would happen.

Ryan, who has now appeared on Good Morning America, said:

It was already crazy to be at the Super Bowl in the first place. Then all of a sudden I’m up on the Jumbotron and everyone’s talking about me. I can’t believe it.

Ryan is a seventh grader at Derby Academy in Hingham, Massachusetts. He and his family flew in around noon on Sunday for the game.


John said they realised ‘very quickly’ Ryan was turning into an internet sensation.

He said:

My phone started blowing up. It died, like, instantly after it happened. We had friends from all over reaching out. I couldn’t believe it.

Speaking live on TV this morning, Ryan said:

My dad told me he was coming around, so I went behind the people and I jumped in there and he’s kind of stopped where our row was, so I just had jump out there with my phone and try to get a picture.

The #SelfieKid memes are still coming in and I’m pretty sure they will continue to do so for some time.

Here are a few of the best so far:

Even Xbox got involved:


Aside from the half-time show, the game itself had plenty of talking points too, with Philadelphia Eagles claiming their first ever Super Bowl on a historic night at Super Bowl LII.

Labelled as underdogs heading into Sunday’s postseason finale, Philadelphia were made to work hard by Tom Brady’s New England Patriots team.

The Eagles, who last won an NFL Championship in 1960, led for most of the game but the Patriots took the lead for the first time with less than ten minutes remaining in the final quarter.

The game finished 41 to 33 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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