Kid Looking At Phone While Justin Timberlake Did Super Bowl Half-Time Show Made Into Epic Meme

by : Francesca Donovan on : 05 Feb 2018 07:49

There’s one day a year when the worlds of sport and music collide in a spectacular show beamed out to millions of Americans: The Super Bowl.


Undoubtedly, this results in a number of American football fans gritting their teeth for some saccharine pop show for the half-time entertainment, this year courtesy of Justin Timberlake.

One kid, who was more impressed by has phone during the show, has been given the meme treatment:

People loved watching the blonde-haired kid totally ignore the spectacle that was going down around him, and mused over the reasons why he might be staring at his phone.


One thought he might be googling the Tennessee pop star – who shot to fame as part of The Mickey Mouse Club and has been melodically enjoying mainstream music charts ever since.

Others thought he was playing HQ Trivia:

One said the kid is the new left shark.

The dressed-up dancer at Katy Perry‘s halftime show and hit viral fame when they got their dance moves a little wrong.

@anthonyli predicts the same fate for this kid:

Some suggested the kid was having technical difficulties.


@RedditCFB shred this hilarious take on the situation:

Others compared him to one of the Kardashians, presumably because they’re everywhere and always on their phones.

Their comparison resulted thus:

But regardless of the reason for his smartphone screen attachment, redemption was in store for the kid who was absolutely in the right place at the right time.

He managed to snag a selfie with the Super Bowl superstar:

Timberlake, who just released the album Man of the Woods, sang and danced his way through his many hits but some say he never really found a groove on Sunday in Minneapolis…

Unlike the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat the New England Patriots 41 to 33.

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