Kung Fu ‘Master’ Outed As Fake As Trick Goes Wrong On Live TV Show

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 26 May 2019 20:47
'kung fu master' exposed as fake on tvHawaii News Now

A clip from a news program is going viral as the host accidentally ruined a Kung Fu master’s trick live on air.

The footage shows news anchor Steve Uyehara, of Hawaii News Now, speaking to Bruce Silva – a self-described ‘Shaolin Kung Fu master’.


Silva is there to promote an upcoming competition, but we all know you can’t have a self-professed ‘master’ of Kung Fu on a television show without getting them to display their skills.

You can watch it here:

The two men had lined up the old classic – breaking through a number of concrete blocks which increase in thickness.


Silva starts the stunt off, breaking through a block using a drinking glass – but without breaking the glass itself! Unbelievably, the block breaks pretty much exactly in half, and it seems as if Silva has only tapped it. It really is something to behold. At this moment I have no idea what’s going on but am pretty convinced Silva really is a master of Kung Fu or has some special power the rest of us mere mortals don’t, at least.

Then, however – much like the ‘fake’ concrete blocks themselves – the illusion is well and truly shattered when host Steve Uyehara walks over to the pile of bricks and says ‘these are real bricks’. As he does so, he pats the bricks and they crumble beneath his gentle touch quicker than this guy’s wife falls off a cliff.

As Silva throws his hands in the air, Uyehara can’t stop laughing, obviously finding the fact that he’s accidentally exposed this Kung Fake live on TV very hilarious.

news anchor accidentally reveals fake Kung Fu trick on TVHawaii News Now

Though Silva tries to keep up appearances, pushing ahead and breaking the third pile of ‘bricks’ with his own head, Uyehara just can’t stop laughing, saying: ‘You know what, either way, that was impressive. Lots of discipline goes into martial arts…’ as MailOnline reports.

Steve Uyehara and Bruce SilvaHawaii News Now

Naturally, the internet responded with some great quips, including: ‘The tricky part is picking up the glass without breaking the brick’, ‘Last time they send Clark Kent to cover this kind of event’, and ‘Silva laughing while his career goes up in smoke’.

Silva presses on nonetheless, plugging the upcoming competition he says he’s competing in, as well as the world records he’s hoping to break. Something tells me Guiness World Records might be doing some thorough equipment checks beforehand though.


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