Liverpool Fan Plays Brilliant Prank On Man United Supporter Who Lost His Wallet

liverpool fan walletUNILAD

While I may not be a football expert, I do know for a fact the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United fans is truly fierce.

Known as the North West Derby, it is said the conflict between these two clubs is even greater than that with their own local competition, Everton and Manchester City respectively.

Of course fans of the competing clubs can be mates but as 43-year-old Darren Brown from Essex will tell you, with this there is always the opportunity to take the mick.

liverpool fan walletUNILAD

Darren, a dedicated Liverpool fan since he was a child, has been friends with an equally committed Manchester United supporter for many years, enough time to allow Darren to play a prank on him and get away with it.

While Darren’s mate was on holiday in Ibiza he lost his wallet, but luckily a local shopkeeper found it by putting a photo of it up on Facebook hoping to find the owner.

Spotting the post and knowing Darren was visiting Ibiza soon, the friend asked him to pick the wallet up and, seeing the opportunity to have a laugh, Darren was more than happy to oblige.

liverpool fan walletUNILAD

Before Darren sent it back to his mate though, he decided to make it a bit more stylish and, well, Liverpudlian.

Luckily for Darren he had just received his annual Liverpool Football Club membership in the post and so stuck some stickers onto the wallet before popping it into a ‘We are Liverpool’ box.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Darren explained why he chose to prank his pal:

On my friend’s last night out there, after watching the Manchester United versus Spurs game (which Man United lost badly) he was looking at a tattoo parlour and must of lost his wallet around this time as the owner of the shop found it outside the next morning.

The owner put up a status on Facebook saying he had found the wallet and also put up a picture. My friend saw this and was relieved it had been found.

He added:

I flew out on the Wednesday night with my missus and when he saw on Facebook I was out there, he asked if I could pick it up and send it to him when I returned (he lives in Milton Keynes). I said, ‘fine not a problem.’

I didn’t send him a new wallet, it was his actual wallet. I just stuck Liverpool stickers on it and then put it inside a Liverpool box I had.

My friend is a Manchester United season ticket holder and goes to nearly all the games so I knew this would hurt him.

Check out Darren’s work below:

liverpool fan walletUNILAD
liverpool fan walletUNILAD
liverpool fan walletUNILAD

While Darren’s mate was a little annoyed when he saw what had been done to his wallet, he eventually saw the funny side of the prank and was overall thankful he had got his wallet back.

Darren thinks the story isn’t over here though as his friend will now seek revenge:

He was actually quite ok when he received it! Think he was just happy to get his wallet back although I expect a comeback at some stage!

We were in Ibiza a few years back and he pushed me in a pool because I was wearing a Liverpool shirt so in a way this is a bit of revenge for that!

Keep your wits about you the next few months Darren, just in case!

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