Logan Paul Wants To Fight Conor McGregor After KSI Fight

Logan Paul wants to fight Conor McGregor.Logan Paul/YouTube

One is a professional mixed martial artist and boxer who could most likely take your head off with one well-placed punch.

The other is a YouTube personality who gained mainstream notoriety after filming himself sniggering with repulsive insensitivity at a dead body.

Oh, and there was that time he tasered some rats like some sort of demonic child out of a crap horror film.

The connection between Conor McGregor and Logan Paul is therefore not immediately clear. However, it seems as though Paul may well fancy a chance at The Notorious. And my cringe levels just went dangerously off the charts.

On 25 August 2018, Paul will be taking somewhat of a detour from his career trajectory as a social media entertainer; branching out into the world of boxing.

The 23-year-old vlogger will be hopping into the ring opposite British YouTube personality and amateur boxer KSI.

Taking place at the Manchester Arena, this is being hyped as the biggest event in YouTube’s 13 year history.

And it appears Paul is feeling pretty confident about a victory, bragging to TMZ Sports about his ability to beat KSI not once, but twice :

Hell yeah, I have two fights with KSI. I’ll beat him this time, I’ll beat him the second time and that’s where I can call someone out and expand.

Growing more boastful by the second, he elaborated:

I want to fight a UFC fighter. I wrestled my whole life.

There’s no reason I can’t. I’ve done athletics my whole life.

Hey, Dana White, you watching? Pick a fighter out for me, dude. Late next year.

You can watch the interview for yourself below:

Now, most amateurs might have just left matters there, but not Paul. When asked to call out a UFC fighter on camera, he decided to go big:

CM Punk.

His brother Jake Paul also showed enthusiasm at this unlikely prospect, stating:

I think it would be dope to see one of us fight McGregor!

The Floyd thing happened, you know!

Showing a fraction more humility, Logan Paul added:

I’m not gonna lie, for either of us to step in the Octagon, we have to prove ourselves first.

UFC fans have been surprised and amused by this ambition to say the least, taking to social media to collectively raise their eyebrows.

One person scoffed:

I know 15 yr old girls who would choke you out in a minute let alone one of the best fighters of our generation.

Another guffawed:

Jake Paul asking Dana White for a fight against The Notorious MMA … I saw everything its okay now I can die

Logan Paul your ass will be whipped so badly in few days, don’t even wish for UFC you soft idiot.

Good grief.

So what sort of bet would you place on a Paul vs. McGregor fight? And how much would you pay to watch it?

As it will never happen ‘free’ sounds a good price, but just the thought of seeing Conor’s left fist connect with Logan’s chin also feels like it could be worth everything.

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