Logan Paul Wants To Fight Conor McGregor After KSI Rematch

by : Julia Banim on : 16 Sep 2019 13:12
Logan Paul Conor McGregorLogan Paul Conor McGregorPA

In the run up to his rematch against KSI, YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul has once again expressed his desire to face Conor McGregor in the ring.


A rematch between Paul, 24, and fellow internet personality KSI, 26, was confirmed earlier this month, and is due to take place November 9 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Their last fight – in February 2018 – ended in a draw, and both YouTube creators will no doubt be looking to prove themselves as serious contenders. And it would appear Paul’s boxing ambitions know no bounds.

Logan Paul Conor McGregorLogan Paul Conor McGregorPA

In a video shared by Fight Hub TV, Paul spoke of the ‘camaraderie’ between himself and KSI, with the interviewer noting they had been ‘very respectful’ to each other following their initial fight.


However, ‘ex controversial’ online celeb Paul hinted there could be some tension in the ring come November:

It’s so interesting, two guys trying to kill each other and then after the fight they come together and they hug and make up. But I’m gonna be honest, it didn’t last very long.

We hugged, I thanked him, and then I asked him – in the ring, after our last fight – I said, ‘hey man, can we keep the personal sh*t out of it, you know? The girlfriend, the parents, the brother, everything that crossed the line?’.

He said, ‘nah man, that’s what it’s about. It’s a show’. Okay, respect, totally get it. But also, now there’s no boundaries. I’m probably gonna say some f*cked up sh*t. And I’m probably gonna be controversial again, which sucks because right now, if I’m being honest with you, I’m ex-controversial..

Talk then turned to who Paul wants McGregor to fight next, and – you have to hand it to him – his answer certainly radiates confidence:

Conor McGregor? Me. I swear to God. I’ll fight Conor. He’s f*cking punching old men in the face.

This would appear to be a reference to an incident which became public in August where McGregor allegedly punched an older man at South Dublin’s Marble Arch pub.

Commenting on the alleged incident, Paul remarked:

He [the older man] did take it [the punch] though! He took the punch and then just drank his whiskey. Those Irishmen dude, those Irishmen. Wild.

No offence to Eddie [Hearn], I’m an MMA fan. I want to do MMA after this. I wrestled in high school.

Conor McGregorConor McGregorPA

This of course isn’t the first time Paul has expressed his desire to fight/be reduced to mincemeat by the 31-year-old former UFC champ.

Speaking with TMZ Sports in August 2018, Paul and his brother Jake Paul showed startling enthusiasm at the though of going toe-to-toe with men who have fought in MMA with varying degrees of success, namely CM Punk and Conor McGregor.

However, Paul did at least remain modest enough to admit the brothers needed to ‘prove’ themselves in the world of boxing first.

With many long-time professional boxers wincing at the thought of staring down McGregor’s fist, Paul still has quite a lot of proving to do…

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