Man Forced To Spend 24 Hours Inside A Waffle House After Losing Fantasy Football League

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Jun 2021 15:58
Man Forced To Spend 24 Hours Inside A Waffle House After Losing Fantasy Football League@LeeOSanderlin/Twitter/PA Images

Let’s face it, when it comes to forfeits, you could do a whole lot worse than sit out your punishment at a Waffle House, sweetening your shame with a hearty dollop of maple syrup.

However, what if you had to spend a full 24 hours at said Waffle House, shaving off an hour for every waffle you consume? Even Lesley Knope herself would have concerns about such a confinement.


However, hilariously, this is exactly what has happened to Lee Sanderlin, a journalist from Jackson, Mississippi, who is currently live-tweeting his 24-hour stay at a Waffle House branch in Brandon.

Sanderlin was dealt this punishment after coming last place in his fantasy football league, condemned to breathe in that delicious waffle scent for hours on end, bringing along ‘some books, some magazines and some podcasts’ to pass the time.

However, this forfeit doesn’t seem to be as easy as it initially looks, and – after his first two waffles – Sanderlin still had a mammoth 21.37 hours left to go.


At four waffles down, Sanderlin gave the following update:

Been here for 1.5 hours, so that means I have 18.5 to go. I am already in immense discomfort. Please, somebody, launch me into the sun.


Sanderlin went on to reveal that his league commissioner would allow him to sit out in the parking lot if needs be, noting that it wouldn’t count against him if he threw up.

After waffle number five, Sanderlin had officially reached the ‘the 2,000 calorie mark’ and was reportedly ‘feeling grrrrrreat.’

He added:


Found that extra something and polished off waffle 5. That’s 5 hours shaved off and an incredible amount of agony for my intestines. 16 hours to go.

After a quick walk around, he dug into waffle number six, by this point ‘eagerly staring into the abyss, hoping for it all to end.’

Sanderlin said:

Y’all they’re going down like cement now, and the heart is beating real heavy-like. I’m the only non-employee in here. Got half of waffle 6 left and so many hours.


Let’s hope Sanderlin fares better in next season’s fantasy football league.

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Lee Sanderlin/Twitter
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