Man Tries To Eat Strongman’s 10,000 Calorie Diet In One Hour


Eddie Hall did not set the world record for heaviest weight ever deadlifted by eating whatever he fancies. No, he has a very strict diet.

Hall was gracious enough to share the meticulous details of his calorie packed daily meal plan via Facebook, and it laid down the gauntlet to one competitive eater.

Adam Moran, better know by his YouTube name BeardMeetsFood, decided to take on the entire plan in just one sitting.

This is what Moran was up against:

Breakfast: 750ml anti-oxidant smoothie, plus two scoops of protein powder.

Breakfast two: Eight egg omelette, 100g of oats, and five pieces of fruit.

Mid-morning snack: Green tea mixed with coconut oil, plus 75g of whole almonds.

Lunch: Two chicken breasts, rice, vegetables, with a protein mousse pudding.

Snack: Three banana smoothie, with even more almonds and a dollop of peanut butter.

Drinks: One litre of cranberry juice, one litre of buttermilk, one litre of coconut water with two scoops of protein. Thankfully these were not mixed.

Tea: 600g of pasta bolognese plus more protein mousse to finish.

Adam sat down with every aspect prepared in front of him and then set the clock.

Place your bets now – can the estimated 10,000 calories be tucked away in under one hour?

What an incredible effort!

Moran smashed every serving in a total time of 39 minutes 27 seconds, and kept his glorious facial hair far cleaner than anticipated.

I do not envy how the next morning probably went mind.