Marouane Fellaini’s New Hair Has Not Gone Down Well On Twitter

Fellaini HairTwitter/@Fellaini

Marouane Fellaini is a man who gets more than his fair share of stick on Twitter.

The giant Belgian’s style of play, shocking first touch and hefty price tag all make him one of the easiest targets for Twitter users, so he could be forgiven for keeping a low profile whenever he can.

But no, this is Fellaini, so he’s gone and dyed his trademark giant shit afro blonde. Because why not?

As you’d expect, as soon as people got wind of it, the tweets poured in and poor Marouane was pulled apart on social media.

Here’s the best of the lot:

This guy thinks it’s all part of a plan:

And this bloke definitely has a point…

Another user nailed the convsersation between Fellaini and the barber:

While others focused on Jose Mourinho’s reaction:

Some made some good comparisons:

But this guy came out with the pick of the bunch, although did go into too much detail:

So there you have it, Marouane, people hate your hair. Try focusing on trapping a bag of cement in your spare time.