Mayweather’s Bodyguards Make McGregor An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse


Post-fight of the century, Money – in every sense – came out on top as the name of the game, and it seems millions in the bank can buy a lot of mutual respect. 

So much so, Floyd Mayweather’s bouncers extended an invite to Camp Conor McGregor to party at Money’s strip club, aptly named, Girl Collection.

The bewildered and somewhat half-arsed promise was captured in this TMZ Sports interview:

Bodyguards, Jizzy Mack and Greg – who lost out in the name stakes here, apparently – were headed out to the club with Team Money when they were sidelined by a TMZ reporter, who asked them if Conor would have to pay the $500 entry fee.

The pair replied:

He’s more than welcome, why not? It’s open to the public.

Does Conor have to pay the $500? Shit, he’s got it! Conor, can I get some of that?!


As far as their boss’ win goes, they said of his worthy adversary:

I take my hat off to the guy, he’s a real champion. People gotta realise this was his debut. We knew what to expect but he did a fabulous job.

Listen, people can hate on Conor, but they can sure as hell hate on that fucking cheque he’s about to get and it’s a nice one.

Perhaps, now Mayweather is going back into retirement, and the showboating is over, the long-standing rivals can allow the undertones of homo-erotica in their verbal sparring to develop into a beautiful friendship.

Let’s take a moment to remember the highlights:

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While Money ain’t a problem, it sounds like McGregor has big plans – the Irish champ announced he’s flying out to Ibiza for some well-deserved TLC…

And a fucking huge yacht party.

Fair play.