Conor McGregor’s Former Training Partner Reveals Secret He Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know

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Conor McGregor’s former sparring partner Aisling Daly reveals that her fellow Irishman is actually a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather.


For those of you that are still green to the culture of combat sports, all this posturing, posing and boiling point animosity is all for show. Like Public Enemy told us back in the day: Don’t Believe The Hype.

If hype is what we’re going on, then the Mayweather-McGregor hype train is the equivalent of  the Tokyo Express, it’s packed to the rafters with people jumping on.


Media outlets, such as ours, are largely responsible. But that’s the whole point of it, right? To build hype for a boxing match – because honestly who wants to pay money to watch a fight where both fighters are really nice about each other? It lacks incentive.


Truth be told, combat sports is a tight knit fraternity where they more-or-less respect the hell out of each other, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mayweather is actually a hero of ‘The Notorious One’.

According to rising MMA star Daly, who used to spar with McGregor at Dublin’s Straight Blast Gym, he’s a massive fan of his.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, Daly revealed that:

He’s always been a massive Mayweather fan.

He’d be coaching, showing us punch combinations and videos and he showed us the Mayweather pull-counter.

Now he’s in a position where one of his idols is his rival.

Knowing Conor, he will believe he is his equal

Daly went on to explain that there’s only one version of Conor McGregor, the one we see on TV with the boasting and the bravado is just him at his most exaggerated level.

Shes went on to say:


What you see on TV is just an amplified version of Conor.

He has a genuine self-belief you can’t teach. He believes himself to a point where eventually it manifests.

Only last week, Mayweather threw a curve ball into the fight build up with his own confession that he’s ‘lost a step’ and admitted McGregor could ‘have the edge over him’.

So there you go, after all is said done at the press conferences and the neatly packaged video promotions, all that matters is what’s said in the ring.

Afterwards, once that final bell has rung, don’t surprised if you see Mayweather and McGregor being the best of buds.

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