Mechanic Gets Leg ‘Snapped In Two’ By F1 Car Live On TV

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A mechanic suffered a serious injury to his leg after Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen pulled away from his pit stop, during today’s F1 race in Bahrain, April 8.

The Finnish driver was having his rear tyre fitted, when he drove off, unaware the mechanic was not fully out of the way. This resulted in Raikkonen’s tyre hitting the mechanic, causing him to buckle.

Ferrari signalled the F1 driver could move off, even though the tyre in question wasn’t connected. They were later fined €50,000 for the botched pitstop.

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As Kimi pulled out from his pit stop, the rear tyre hit the crew member’s leg, snapping it in two – which was caught on live TV – in the process.

Team Ferarri sent out a Tweet following the incident which read:

Our mechanic was taken to hospital for treatment #BahrainGP

Raikkonen later retired from the race in Bahrain, as the rear tyre was still not properly connected.

Following the incident, the mechanic was taken to a nearby hospital where ESPN have reported the man – who’s been named as Francesco – has suffered multiple fractures to his leg including the shinbone and fibula.

While Kimi was forced to retire, and Ferrari lost one of their mechanics for the foreseeable future, four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel, came in first.

The German pulled off a stunning victory in a nail-biting race, fending off Mercedes’ Valterri Bottas and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, who grabbed a third-place podium finish, despite starting ninth on the grid.


Vettel now has a 17-point lead over Hamilton after two of 21 races this season.

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