Men Struggle To Read Vile Tweets Sent To Female Sports Writers

Just Not Sports/YouTube

Society as a whole has taken baby steps toward embracing equality, but it still has a long fucking way to go on this evidence.

In a video produced by Just Not Sports, female sports writers Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro are read a handful of the vile and abusive tweets they receive.

As reported by USA Today, the people tasked with reading the messages are all men who have not seen the tweets before, and to say they struggle would be a massive understatement.

Check it out:


The tweets left the men feeling horrendously awkward.

On numerous occasions…

It prompted apologies from nearly all participants.

The results speak volumes.

If you wouldn’t be confident enough to say it in person then why tweet it?

And if you would be confident enough to say some of these things to someone, purely because of their gender, you probably need to sort your life out.

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

An NCTJ Journalist with an MA in Sports Journalism, Kieron is an experienced social media journalist who has worked in the industry since 2015. His experience includes work with ITN, the MEN, WISH/WIRE/TOWER FM, and 8:50 Sports Digest... not forgetting his time at ASDA.